Forum and Plestex Policies

Before you come to enjoy a feature with us, there are a few things we want to discuss with you.

The only real rule needed, if followed, is for us all to be considerate of others. We should treat others as we would like to be treated, and be careful what we allow our children to watch. But, unfortunately for some, we are required to spell it out.

Silence is golden. Others in the theatre with you have paid money to come see the same movie. Please respect that and realize that the Movie Theater is not the same as your living room. If you distract others we may ask you to leave.

We are very concerned about how the movie business affects the morals of our children. Therefore, we enforce the "R" rating requiring parental presence or "in person approval" letting us know your child may attend.

Every day we see parents bring little children into "R" rated movies. Many of these movies are very violent, often with a high level of profanity and sometimes nudity and / or sexual scenes. It is of course, your parental right to make this decision. However we recommend you check out these movies before bringing your children.


Our rated "R" movie policy is: children 3 and under will not be allowed into a rated "R" movie at all, children 4 - 13 will be allowed in "R" rated movies only if their parents attend along with them, children 14 - 16 years of age may be allowed in a "R" rated movie if thier parents come to the box office to buy their tickets.


Because we have children, grandchildren and run family oriented establishments you will find that our theaters always have an alternative to "R" movies. We make sure that there is always at least one "PG" or "PG13" movie showing for your choice. We also take great pleasure in our Summer Fun Children Shows that show only "G" or "PG" movies.

Rowdiness, rude behavior, feet on the furniture, throwing things and such will invite a quick invitation to leave our premises. Attempts by underage children trying to sneak into an "R" rated movie will result in immediate ejection. Our rule is to protect the viewing environment for those responsible customers to came to enjoy a "trip to the movies."

We ask that you please turn off pagers and cell phones (or switch them to vibrate) before the movie starts.

Let's all work together to be considerate of others.